The Game's Method

Warning: Due to changes in the available data, the first 6 Examples under the examples tab no longer work properly.

The general approach

All scores on one criterion are divided by the standard deviation of those scores. At that point, all criteria have equal weight. The criteria are ready for your weightings. The scores are multiplied by the weights you supply and then are added up for a total score.

Specific criteria and their components

Many of the data in this game are entered after viewing a book of statistical information published each year titled *** LSAC Official Guide to ***-Approved Law Schools, which is produced by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and a section of the ***. For some reason, the ***, a well-known association of members of American bars, does not want it's name used on this website, so the source will be cited as "*** LSAC". The reader should note, however, that data for past years might have come from a publication that was produced by the *** without the help of the LSAC. The reader should also keep in mind that the data were not supplied by the *** or the LSAC to us. They published their books and we copied some of their data. Needless to say, the *** and LSAC are not responsible for our errors in copying. We did ask the *** to supply the data in electronic form to minimize the chance of copying errors, but the *** did not respond to that request.

Reputation criteria

Student aptitude and knowledge criteria

Career placement criteria

Library criteria

Other considerations

Criteria not included

Explanation of columns in the data set

There are a number of columns of data provided (including all of the data used by the game). The data that are under the column headings are as follows:

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